Hi, Hello, Bonjour

Welcome to Bakul Kultur


As Indonesian community, Bakulkultur team consists of Indonesian from different background who lives and works in Belgium.  We share the same passion and interest in promoting Indonesian culture through organizing various programs such as movie screenings, seminars, music concert, literature talk, exhibitions, as well as culinary and handcraft workshops.




Bakul is a multi-purpose basket, hand-made by interweaving strands of bamboo into the intended shape. Bakul is widely used in Indonesia as a household container to preserve substantial goods, rice, vegetables, spices, etc.


As the name indicates, Bakulkultur is created to be a container of ideas and initiatives related to preserving Indonesian culture. In Bakulkultur, our interests of Indonesia are interweaving with our beliefs that culture is an evolving entity. Thus, we don’t attempt to maintain some sort of ‘national culture’ and fall into discussions about authenticity. On the contrary, Bakulkultur aims to highlight the process and simultaneously accommodate and enrich our cultural vocabulary.


Therefore with our various cultural programs, we wish to encourage the encounters and for the audience to experience the exchange.  Ultimately, our goal is not confined solely in introducing and celebrating contemporary Indonesian culture in Belgium and Europe, but also to mediate the experience of inter cultural exchange along the way.

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