Screening : Pesantren

This is our second screening. We always considered February as the month of love. Though we believe that spreading love is necessary all the time without time period, we tried to respect social (popular) frame. Our definition of love is as varied as the number of human being on earth…here is another example. Some might find it a strange idea to associate religion and love…but we believe that the basic fondation of any religion is love. So why not.

Pesantren is one of the film that we choose for our cinema program : Interpreting Beliefs. Religions and beliefs is a constant subject discourse in the contemporary Indonesian society. As the biggest Muslims country, Indonesia has to deal with multiple interpretation of one’s religion while maintaining the tolerance towards others, especially towards the differences.  While there are hesitation to talk about religions and beliefs in Indonesian cinema,  many  Indonesian filmmakers are trying to reflect their personal interpretation of one’s beliefs through various narratives.



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