Screening : Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly

As much Indonesia wants to be identified as a nation that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism as its core values, it has however developed its own frame, socially and politically, when it comes to its citizen. It resulted thus in the marginal group (LGBT, non-Muslims and other beliefs, Chinese-Indonesians, anything that different) being systematically suppressed and forced to fit into the frame. After the momentous fall of the New Regime, new generations of Indonesian filmmakers are granted more space and freedom to explore these issues of marginality and to question their identity as part of Indonesian society.  They offered alternative narratives by re-questioning about what it means by being Indonesian, all genuinely interpreted in their works of cinema. Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly is one of the film in our cinema program, Identity: framing diversity


Flyers BLINDPIG copy[5947]

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