Screening : Mencari Hilal

The crescent moon is a journey about tolerance and understanding diversity. A journey of father and son. Mahmud, an Islamic conservative, and Heli, a young liberal, are pushed to travel together in search of hilal, the very first new crescent moon, which also defines their new opportunity to have a better relationship.

As the Ramadhan month is almost over, it’s time to look for the crescent moon. To celebrate Idul Fitr, we are proud to present The Crescent Moon (Mencari Hilal) a film by Ismail Basbeth.


With diversity still under siege in Indonesia and Islam being used by some as a political tool, the people behind “Mencari Hilal” (“The Crescent Moon”) say their film is now more relevant than ever. “The message in ‘The Crescent Moon’ is bigger than the film itself,” said Ismail Basbeth, the director. “I am a young man and a Muslim, and I think there is an increasing urgency to talk about Islam as a peaceful and loving religion.”

At the same time, Ismail also did not want to make just another religious drama that merely aims to “glorify Islam.”


Poster Mencari Hilal small

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