Independence Day



We will participate in Bazar @indonesianembassybrussels on 2nd September. We will sell some books (new and secondhand) —very limited because we hate selling our books. After long battle of bad conscience, considering that we have double edition, same title, and limited place on our bookshelves, we decided to let them go.
So come and visit us….you will certainly find our booth since we are the only one selling books

During Indonesian bazar on 2nd September 2017 @indonesianembassybrussels, we will not only selling books. You can read some of our books on the spot, mostly poems and short stories or essays. You can read Bukan Perawan Maria by @relaksasiberagama , Melihat Api Bekerja by @aanmansyur , Tuhan & Hal-hal yang tak selesai by Goenawan Mohamad , Ayahmu Bulan Engkau Matahari by @LilyYuliantiFarid , Si Janggut Mengencingi Herucakra by AS Laksana, published by @marjinkiri and many more.
There will be a cup of coffee for free to accompany you reading. Don’t miss this opportunity, because we rarely share our coffee



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