Screening : Sunya


Since his mother mysteriously left him, Bejo (5 years old ) often experiences unusual circumstances. As a grown- up, he manages to propose the woman of his dream, Raisya, but he is being accused for doing a black magic to her. Everything goes complicated when the hospital informs him that his grandma was dying without any visible symptom of illness. His grandma can neither recover nor die. Bejo searched for cure for his grandma through a non-medical way. Klenik — occult medicals– is his choice. But he has to face serious consequences that coming afterwards. The consequence turns out to be connected with his mysterious childhood.


This film has been considered as one of the best Indonesian Movie of the year 2016 by Rollingstone Magazine, and presented in :

Jogya Asian Film Festival 2016, Main Competition – Golden & Sylver Hanoman Award

Hollywood Screening Film Festival 2017, -In competition

Auckland International film festival,  In Competition 2017




In 1989, Harry Suhariyadi (b. 12 December 1969) began to study film by taking Directing major in Jakarta Arts Institute. His short film titled Happy Ending (1996) was selected in various international short film festivals. Mencari Pelangi (1998), a TV movie he directed, recieved 8 national awards including Film TV Terbaik (Best TV Movie) and Sutradara Terbaik (Best Director). Due to his interest in children’s world, Hary made a series of children’s musical film, Ratu Malu & Jendral Kancil which then received the awarda as Film Seri Anak Terbaik (Best Children’s Series) and Skenario Film Seri Terbaik (Best Series Scenario) in 2004.

In 1999, Harry was awarded a fellowship by Japan for his works and achievements. Staying in Japan for 9 months, Harry wrote, produced, and directed Pachinko & Everyone’s Happy, the first Japanese movie directed by non-Japanese. The film received tremendous response in Jakarta International Film Festival 2001. His next movie, Love Potpourri (2008), was selected as the Best Asian film in the Singapore International Film Festival 2009. Sunya is Harry’s latest film made in his return to his native cultural root, Javanese.


Poster SUNYA Aventure

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