Screening : Turah


Not everyone is privileged enough to live a life full of fortune.  It is certainly the case of people who live at Kampung Tirang, Tanah Timbul, a village located at northern coast of Central Java. Turah tells about the struggle of people on obtaining fresh water, electricity and other basic necessities that should have been provided by the government. People of Kampung Tirang always lived  with pessimism and fear of many things. This particular state of mind was utilized by Darso and Pakel to their own advantage. People are trapped in this satanic cycle without a way out until finally Turah and Jadag led them to get away from power and fortune hungry people. “Turah” which means leftover in Javanese, has a meaning to make these weak people stand on their own two feet, so they won’t become leftovers.


“Turah” made it to Best Foreign Language Film category as a representative from Indonesia on the 90th Academy Awards

Presented in :

Asian Feature Film Special Mention – Singapore International Film Festival 2016

Geber Award – Jogja NETPAC Film Festival 2016

NETPAC Award – Jogja NETPAC Film Festival 2016


About The Director

Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo, Born in Tegal, Central Java, December 26, 1983. He completed his studies at the Faculty of Film & Television Jakarta Art Institute in 2011 majoring in Directing. His first short film as director, Tobong, was awarded a Special Award from the Indonesian Film Festival Jury 2006. He directed several short films including: Ibu dan Anak-anakku, which nominated as Best Short Film in Indonesian Film Festival 2008. Recent years, he has been working as assistant director in several movie projects, namely 3 Prayer 3 Love, The Dancer, Home and Rainy Season, and Swordsman Gold Sticks. Turah is his first feature film as a director.


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