[re-enacting memories] with TAN Vatey

It was started with a simple idea: making a workshop with kerupuk ( Indonesian shrimp crackers). It turned out, unexpectedly, became art workshop and exhibition making. And it was so much fun than we can imagine. Art is always surprising anyway. So what was exactly we were doing with this workshop ? Here is the explanation :

[re-enacting memories] does not wish “to present” or “to represent” Mutual Unknown, the cutting-edge group exhibition, initiated by CuratorsLab and happened in Spring 2017 with 9 artists & 3 curators from South-East Asia installing their work station Galeri Nasional Indonesia, progressing on their artworks with the kind support of many helping hands and in interaction and conversation with many visitors of Indonesia’s National Gallery in Jakarta. A presentation with words or talks in Brussels, could not honor nor walk the way of Mutual Unknown in Indonesia, an unusual contemporary arts happening that took place from May till June in Jakarta, with field trips to Bandung & Yogya.

  [re-enacting memories] with TAN Vatey wishes “to be present” in the spirit of the unusual and performative event of Mutual Unknown by inviting everyone to join in for a re-make of art works and a re-enactment of that collective exhibition. This will form another temporary community as occurred quite unexpectedly in Indonesia’s prestigious national gallery. The Museum, one of the strongholds of colonial [f]acts, like The School is another one, started to decolonize for a moment. Power dynamics shifted as the relations between people & conventions changed during Mutual Unknown: visitors can write on the white walls of the museum, artists are not submitted to the framing-naming power of The Curator with the art works still in progress, curators moved into the space available conversations with visitors, the static gallery became a moving scene and sharing stage for everyone around. “Do not touch the art work” yet, please do touch the artists.






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